It sounded as if the Streets were running (2006)

Three Songs for Unaccompanied Choir (SSAA)   8 minutes

One reason I am repeatedly drawn to set the poems of Emily Dickinson to music is that hardly any of them were kNown, let alone spoken aloud or sung, during her lifetime.  When she died, in 1886, an enormous number of poems were discovered (there are 1,775 in total).  Some of them were published over the next ten years; many more were hidden away again for another thirty years.  The thought of these powerful words being unseen and unheard for so long makes me want to hear them sung as often as possible!

Dickinson’s work also invites singing because her language is so simple and economical, and yet contains wonders: seeing the world through her eyes, we watch the unfolding of vast, cosmic dramas.

Text: Poems by Emily Dickinson

Commissioned by Andreas Klatt for Farnham Youth Choir

First performance: 24th March 2007, Farnham Youth Choir, Farnham Festival.