Fanfares Across the Thames (2000)

Two Fanfares for Brass Bands, Wind Band and Percussion   4 minutes

A work which demonstrates Dove’s unmatched flair for striking a celebratory note when the occasion calls for it, these two Fanfares were first heard, literally, across the Thames on the day of the dedication of the Millennium Footbridge, with ensembles placed on either side, and in the middle (on a barge!), of the river. The score has since been arranged to be performed by conventionally available brass forces and makes for a striking concert fanfare in any context.

Commissioned by the London Millennium Bridge Trust for the dedication of the Millennium Bridge, London

First performance: 9th May 2000, Students of the Guildhall School, Richard Benjafield, the Millenium Footbridge, London, north and south banks and centre of the river.


Fanfare I for Two Brass Bands with Percussion. Brass Band 1: 3Hn.3Tpt.3Tbn.Tba—Perc; Brass Band 2: 3Hn.3Tpt.3Tbn.Tba—Perc

Fanfare II for Two Brass Bands, Percussion and Wind Band. Brass Band 1: 3Hn.3Tpt.3Tbn.Tba—Perc; Brass Band 2: 3Hn(6 players).3Tpt(6 players).3Tbn(6 players).Tba(2 players) Wind Band: Wind Band: 2Fl(6 players).2Ob(6 players).2Cl(6 players).2A-sax(4 players).2Bsn(6 players)—Timp—Perc(2 players)—Perc